Premium Dried Seaweed Suppliers

Dried seaweed powder become one of the good foods for people nowadays. The good nutrition of seaweed become very popular lately because of the snacks made of seaweeds. Then, do you want to know where to find the premium quality of seaweed and dried seaweed? Here I will tell you about the premium quality of products from Indonesian factory. See below.

Reasons For Choosing The Indonesia Factory As Your Seaweed Supplier

It is becoming to have high-quality foods every day on your dining table. Then, if you have a restaurant or other factory that need the best suppliers; you should choose the supplier carefully and well. So, here are the reasons why you need this supplier from Indonesia as your seaweed supplier:

  1. Indonesia has a wide area of ocean where you will find the best seaweed.
  2. The factory has modern technology and machines.
  3. The dried seaweed powder technology will give you the best quality of seaweed powder.
  4. They have good services.
  5. You can do a consultation first before you make an order.
  6. They have other products in seafood such as sardines, tuna and so on.
  7. They have a professional team to help you consult anything and help you to get your desired products and offer.

So, you know how well this supplier for you. If you need all of this factory and manufacturers of seaweed; you can find it in the link, I will give you here. Then, you can decide to use the factory as your new supplier or not. You can click this link: You will find more information about seaweed and all the products they have related to seaweed, dried seaweed or the dried seaweed powder. You will see the examples of their products as well on the same page. Thus, that is all.

Ebi Shrimp And The Price Is Economical

Ebi shrimp is one of the products provided by Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers as the simplest processed products but does not reduce the taste of the shrimp. Ebi is processed by drying under the sun or using a special tool in drying it. This Ebi is one of the easiest products to make, but it is also very economical and affordable. Shrimp like this using a small size shrimp and physically processed products are still complete from head to tail. Ebi this enough cleaned at the time will be processed and does not require special provisions before processing it because the shrimps are small.

The Benefits Of Processed Shrimp Become Ebi

For housewives, Ebi is very helpful lavish the processed food they make. Because the function of the manufacture of Ebi itself is served as a spice for food that is at home or can be regarded as a seasoning flavor taste so that food tastes shrimp and provide a very fragrant aroma after cooking. Dried Shrimp Indonesia suppliers these are very useful also for the various restaurants that used to use Ebi as their cooking ingredients. Shrimp flavor is very liked by people of all ages, so the addition of a spice in the diet will actually provide a delicious taste in food.

Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers is also very useful in making shrimp products are more durable and durable. Can be stored for a long time and no problem if it must be silenced for a long time until processed. There are also processed from shrimp in addition to being Ebi, it’s in making shrimp paste with the main ingredient of shrimp that is also indispensable in every home to process food. The ingredients are used in a variety of traditional dishes and are well liked by many people. Processed foods added with Ebi can enhance the taste of cuisine and provide a fresh atmosphere of shrimp flavor in the food.

Getting The Trusted Carrageenan Supplier

If you have a business which is related to the use of carrageenan, you will need to get more info about the suppliers. Indeed, carrageenan has been one of the essential parts of the beauty and culinary industries. There are so many manufacturers which run their business and need the carrageenan supply. Recently, there are kappa carrageenan manufacturers which are available in some cities located near to the ocean. This makes the business easier and the business owners will not get any difficulty in finding them.

How To Get Best Quality Carrageenan

The carrageenan is actually extracted from red algae. The distributed form in the market is usually a powder, making it easier to dissolve. Although there are many suppliers available, how will you get the best quality of it?

  1. Choose the supplier which has their own farm of Kappaphycus alvarezii. Indeed, some companies are breeding their own red algae farm in the sea. The algae are also easy to plant, so it will be great if you can find a company which has its own farm. This will ensure the quality of their products,
  2. Then, you can also consider its product. The powdered product will be easier to compare. You can compare one another to find the best. Although the function is the same, the products from kappa carrageenan manufacturers can be different.
  3. You will also be able in choosing the one which offers the lowest price. Indeed, this is the most important part when you choose a supplier. Having a great quality pack of carrageenan with lower price will be your advantage.

There are lots of things that have to be considered by the business owners. But, when choosing kappa carrageenan for the business, it sure will help you in reducing the expense of your company. To get the best result, get them from kappa carrageenan manufacturers.

Unique Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Giant tiger shrimp or the biological name is Penaeus Monodon is a widely known and loved shrimp, and also widely known as Asian tiger shrimp. This shrimp is widely cultivated in Asia, especially in South East Asia, like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The unique Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, naturally habit an offshore coral reef, and the distribution of this prawn is in Indo-Pacific Ocean until the shore of Australia and some of its also inhabit the Gulf of Mexico. This crustacean is widely known and popular as a source of foods and widely reared for consumption. Every year, it there was more than thousand tons of giant tiger shrimp, harvested from prawn farm, and also fished from the outer sea. The methods for farming giant tiger shrimp is already known by a human for more than centuries. Well, if you must want to know more about this little prawn, then you just need to visit us directly on our website.

The General Info About Unique Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Judging from the size and appearance of this Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, it is slightly bigger if compared with another prawn, yet it is a lot of smaller if compare them with species of lobsters. The female of giant tiger shrimp can reach for about 30 cm, but the male one is smaller, only reach about 25 cm. This prawn is widely cultivated in Indonesia, as this become one of the most important commodity to export. Every year, it there was more than hundreds of tons harvested and shipped tiger prawn, and it is worth more than millions of dollars every year.

This prawn might be small, but don’t underestimate what this prawn can gives to your body. It is very high in protein, nutrition, and most importantly calcium. There are also several minerals like selenium, iron, zinc, and many more from this tiny crustacean. If you wish to know more about this giant tiger prawn, then visit us here in,

How To Choose Good White Shrimp

Do you want to buy shrimp for today’s menu? Shrimp is one of the best choices as main supply to balance your health. For the best quality, it is highly recommended to buy the shrimp directly from vannamei shrimp suppliers. There are so many nutrients which are contained in every gram of the shrimp. However, you have to be more concern about buying shrimp. You cannot buy the mishandled shrimp since there will be some nutrients which are damaged. So, how to choose the best shrimp?

Easy Steps To Buy The Best Shrimp

There are some ways to get the best shrimp. Although you buy it from vannamei shrimp suppliers, still you have to choose wisely. How to buy the best shrimp? There are some steps that can be followed:

  1. Fresh or Frozen Shrimp?

Actually, there is no bad choice between both of them. You can choose the fresh shrimp if you can cook it directly after buying it which means it cannot be stored for longer time. On the other hand, you can also choose the frozen shrimp but you have to thaw it first before cook it. Make sure that you will not freeze the shrimp for a long time in the refrigerator since it will damage its nutrients.


  1. Check the Color

If you have a sensitive palate, so you may avoid the brown shrimp. The big brown shrimp is not recommended for you who is highly sensitive with iodine. It has high iodine which makes it taste more like mineral.


  1. Choose the Unpeeled Shrimp

If you want to get better nutrient in shrimp, so you have to buy the unpeeled shrimp from vannamei shrimp suppliers. Why? Because the nutrients will be lost when the shrimp has been cleaned before freezing it. So, it is better to buy the unpeeled one.

Do You Like Eating Prawn?

In this world, there are tons of healthy food options which you can consume to fulfill the daily nutrients in the best way. Seafood is one of the favorite foods which many people like. There are various seafood menus you can choose like the prawn. Do you like eating the prawn? Where do you usually buy the prawn? Do you buy it directly from the trusted Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers or not? There are many prawn suppliers which you can choose to supply your prawn requirements.

Reasons Why To Buy It From The Suppliers

You just have to know that if you want to buy the prawn, you have a chance to buy it directly from the supplier itself. There are some reasons why to make you consider more to buy the prawn from the trusted Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers. The reasons are:

  1. You should make sure first that the suppliers you chose don’t require any minimum order quantity. Well, some of them require minimum order quantity and some of them are not. Just take the supplier with no minimum order quantity if you want to buy the prawn for your own consumption.
  2. You also can get fresh prawn as what you hope from the supplier itself. They will provide you fresh prawn that you can buy them even if you buy the small or large number one.
  3. As what the other suppliers do, if you buy something from the suppliers it will make you can get a cheaper price than you buy it from any market around you.

Thus, you just have to consider if you want to buy the prawn for your own consumption. If you want to buy it, you just have to choose the trusted Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers which can help you to get the fresh prawn for your meal.

Get Best Quality Of Catfish From Indonesia

When you are trying to live healthily, you might want to reduce your intake of meats like chicken, pork or beef. But, what is life if you cannot eat something meaty? To answer your problem, now you can eat the fish for reducing your longing for the meaty foods. In this case, you can choose catfish Indonesia because this is one of the meatiest, delicious dishes you can eat. The fish is also available in the markets, as you can see them being traded freely in the fish market. The cooking process is also easy and you don’t have to wait too long for the fish to be cooked.

Advantages Of Indonesia’s Catfish

There are so many fish products from Indonesia. In this case, maybe catfish is the most affordable fish in Indonesia’s market. This means you will have so many opportunities in cooking them with the best recipe. When you are looking for the best catfish, here are some advantages of using catfish Indonesia.

  1. Indonesian catfish are breed by the professional breeders. The fishes are treated especially from the beginning, getting enough nutrition that will give you perfect taste.
  2. Indonesian breeders breed the fishes with the natural environment and thus will give you fresh, sweet taste when eating the fish.
  3. The price is affordable when it is compared with other freshwater fishes like gourami or milkfish. The fish is also a great choice for everyone who wants to try many recipes using fish.
  4. For you who love cooking, catfish are easy to cook and you don’t have to clean them in a difficult manner.

Above all, the catfish has a great opportunity and will give you the best experience when you consume them. Consuming the fish will also give you the nutrition like protein that is good for children’s growth and development. In this case, you can also get many advantages as you choose catfish Indonesia for your business.

Cook Milkfish With Poaching Process

What do you want to eat for today? You can grab a frozen milkfish from milkfish suppliers then make a super healthy and delicious menu from it. It is healthy since the milkfish has great nutrients which are highly good for your health. Moreover, the milkfish is one kind of fish which is easy to cook. You will only need 5 to 15 minutes to cook it well. For the best menu, you can try to cook it with poaching process.

Steps To Cook Milkfish With Poaching Method

You can buy both the fresh or frozen milkfish from milkfish suppliers. Both of them have good nutrients as long as you choose the best quality one. As mentioned before, you can try to cook the milkfish with poaching process is easy to follow. So, how to make it? Here are some steps to cook milkfish for poaching method:

  • If you have the fresh milkfish, so don’t forget to clean it well. Meanwhile, you have also to thaw it well for the frozen milkfish
  • You can prepare broth then mix it with vegetables and more water
  • If the vegetable broth is ready, so you can out the milkfish into it. Make sure that you have right heat level
  • While boiling it, you can put some spices and some additional seasonings as you like
  • Boil it for some minutes, then control the heat level. You can slowly turn the heat level down slowly
  • Put the lid on the pan to make it simmer
  • After some minutes, the delicious milkfish is ready to eat.


It is easy, right? So, you can take this menu as your dinner. If you want to have good nutrients from milkfish, so you have bought it in healthy and good condition. For best quality of milkfish, just find it on

Business Becomes A Favorable Frozen Shrimp Supplier

In this highly developed age, for some developing countries, there are still very few people who find it difficult to find work. Very minimal job space and also small, causing many people who cannot work and creativity well for his life. Being a supplier can be one way to achieve success. This business is very profitable because it can produce money in a fast time. In addition, the profits also market products online so it will be easy to spread the product even to various parts of the world will know. To be a supplier of frozen shrimp, which must be done is to pay attention to the quality of an item to always be good and also fresh. Moreover, it should know the method used during the cooling process to obtain frozen shrimp as seen clearly on frozenshrimpsuppliers.

Keeps The Shrimp Fresh To Last

In frozenshrimpsuppliers, the promoted shrimp is a preserved shrimp type. The preservation process is using cooling. This cooling process is a very good way to preserve the cold because it does not damage the surface chart and the inner chart of a shrimp. Although cooled the product will still look good and perfect, it is only a texture that for little keas due to the cooling process. But it can be eliminated by providing room temperature on the shrimp products.

The cooled shrimp will give you a sweet race when consumed after it is processed. The fresh skin color and also the head of the shrimp that is not easily separated from the body is a good shrimp type and we must choose when we will buy a shrimp. The fresh shrimp can be seen in, with the shrimp cooling process will always remain fresh and long lasting even if stored within a few days.

Catfish Suppliers For Modern Restaurant

Catfish has been widely known by the public for a long time. Fish that can be obtained from the dried catfish suppliers actually has a delicious taste. Generally, this type of fish is more attractive to the middle and lower class society. However, the development of culinary tastes to make a variant of the catfish rose to class. Nowadays, it can be more commonly found a modern catfish dish like catfish mayonnaise to catfish burger. Traditionally processed catfish may have been commonly enjoyed. Currently, catfish is not just processed into traditional food. There are other preparations that are more modern and still taste delicious.

Modern Dried Catfish Culinary

Currently, there are so many modern restaurants that serve catfish culinary. The catfish that they get from dried catfish suppliers is processed into several modern dishes.

  • Catfish mayonnaise

In restaurants that carry Chinese cuisine, usually, provide shrimp and squid menu that comes with mayonnaise sauce. However, not only shrimp and squid, there is also a catfish that is given additional mayonnaise sauce. Catfish fillet is generally coated with flour and then deep fried. After that, fried catfish then coated with mayonnaise sauce.

  • Catfish Burger

Beef or chicken burgers are of course commonplace. There are also other variations of the burger which is catfish burger. Patty burger is made of a mixture of soft-textured catfish. Then patty is coated in breadcrumbs and fried until cooked. Then, the party put in a burger bun with vegetables and other apples. In addition to burgers, catfish can also be served as sandwich stuffing.

  • Catfish Teriyaki

Catfish can also be varied into Japanese food, such as catfish teriyaki. If you are bored with chicken or meat, just try the catfish with teriyaki spice. This dish uses soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. It was no less delicious than the usual teriyaki.

Those are some modern food that is made from catfish. If you want to get a supply of catfish, you can visit

Make A Trap To Catch Rats

When you find out that the rats start to invading your house, you should the about the fastest way to get rid of the rats there. You have to find the best way on how to get rid of rats before the group of the rats is getting bigger and you will be harder to repel them. Actually, to repel the rats, you can find many ways and tips in it. For the example, when you want to repel the rats, you can make your own trap to catch them. Do you want to know the steps that you can use to make your own trap? Please, read the following paragraphs to know more information about it.

Making Your Own Trap For Rats

When you already choose to make your own trap on how to get rid of rats, you do not need to worry too much about it. The very first thing that you have to do is preparing the trap. You can prepare the trap by using mousetrap and put the baits inside of the trap. You can use cheese, soap or the other baits that the rats love. After that, when you already finish with the preparation of the trap, you can put your traps in some points of your house that usually become the place of the rats.

Then, if the rats catch your baits and being trapped, you can leave the trap in the woods or some places that far away from your home. Then, the rats will never come back to your home. Try this method to get rid of the rats in your home. If you think that this method does not work in a good result, you can decide to move to the other method on how to get rid of rats. That is all the information for you about treatment for rats.

Basic Guidelines to Quit Smoking

Smoking is not good for your health. It is even written on the cigarette box that smoking caused death. However, some people are still not aware of it. Some of them also try to avoid and quit smoking. If you were a smoker then you want to try to stop, so you do the best. You choose the best decision. However, quitting is no easy. Since cigarette is kind of addictive so you will be addicted more when you try to avoid it. So, is there any effective way to quit smoking? Here are some ways to help you quit smoking.

Find the Right Way to Quit

In fact, everyone has different ways to quit smoking. You cannot take one’s way of your way. You have to find your ways to quit. Just find it from certain champagne of quitting. Find the best one, then arrange it as your plan. If you are ready, so you can start to do your plan.

Keep Yourself Busy to Forget Your Cigarette

You can make yourself smoke-free by keeping yourself busy. You can do exercise or walk around. When you want to take your cigarette, just try to chew hard candy or gum. Make sure that you will also get enough water supply to gain more concentration. Just make sure that you get yourself busy and forget about smoking.

Keep Away All Things Related to Smoking

For the powerful way, you have to just throw away any kind of things related to smoking. Throw away your cigarette, trays, and also lights are must. Moreover, you can also start to avoid any caffeine to avoid the feeling of jittery. Then, you can also do this treatment by gathering with your non-smoker friends so you will forget about taking a cigarette. Don’t forget to grab healthy food.

Online Frozen Catfish Supplier

Nowadays, there are tons of restaurants and eatery place that use catfish as their basic ingredients for their dishes. Catfish is normally cooked by frying and grilling it. But, in some places, they make a varied menu of catfish in order to keep their visitors satisfy. You might see the unfamiliar menu such as catfish pasta, catfish fillet, catfish soup, and many more. That’s why the frozen catfish supplier is kept growing bigger and bigger. The supplier helps the restaurants and grocery stores by providing the best quality frozen catfish. Let’s learn more about the catfish supplier.

How To Order Frozen Catfish Online

In a digital era like this, everything you ask can be fulfilled by the internet including ordering the catfish from the supplier. Online frozen catfish supplier is now quite a lot.  Ordering catfish online makes thing simpler. We have our own website where people can order the catfish. If you want to order the catfish online, here are the steps:

We will provide the client with some offers that are available.

  • Negotiation

When you have decided what you would like to order, we will make the negotiation with the client.

  • Final offer and DP

Once the negotiation is completed, the next step is the final offer and the discussion with both us and client. The client has to pay for the DP before their order is being produced.

  • Production and shipping

After the client completed the previous step. The supplier will start to produce the order. When the production is done, the supplier will ship the products to the destination.

You do not have to worry about the quality of your products. we use the right procedural packaging and control everything to make sure the products stay neat until arriving at the destination without any damaging. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab them fast with us. Kindly visit our official website at

DIY Blackout Blind Ideas

Are you thinking about making your own blackout blinds? Fortunately, it is not something that is impossible for you because you can actually make blackout shades, blinds or curtains by yourself. When you want to challenge yourself with the DIY project, creating blinds for your home interior can be a nice idea to try next.

Easy DIY Blackout Blind Ideas For You

To start, it must be good to explore several ideas about what to create for your DIY blackout shade or blind for your home. Actually, there are some possible ideas that you can make when it comes to creating blind for your home. You can consider making one which is not permanent since many blinds out there are permanently installed. This idea will be good for you who are renting and may move to another place. Then, for your DIY blackout blinds, you can think about making one which comes perfectly to suit your room style.

Initial Steps On How To Make DIY Blackout Blind

Next, how can we make the blinds by ourselves? Here are some of the ways to start making DIY blind.

  1. First, prepare for the material. You can use faux leather to make the blind. Then, prepare for wooden dowels, pine moldings, nails and cloth tape. Don’t forget to prepare for tools like hammer, cordless drill, and tape measure as well.
  2. Second, measure your windows then bring together the materials.
  3. Third, cut the leather depending on the windows size. You can make it cover up the frame as well if you like.
  4. Next, apply the pine molding and also the dowel from top to bottom of the blind by using nails. Don’t forget to drill along the pine molding.
  5. The last, you can continue to make your DIY blackout blinds by getting the tutorials.

Ways to Remove MSG from Body

So, you have understood how much dangerous MSG or Monosodium Glutamate to your body. Now that you have learned about this notion, you might want to flush away MSG from your body so that you can live a healthier life later on. To help you get started, here are some ways that you can follow.

What is Monosodium Glutamate?

Monosodium glutamate or generally shorten to MSG is flavor enhancer which is commonly used by many people to make their foods’ or meals’ flavor stronger. This food ingredient is generally found in processed food. When it is widely found in many meals, this ingredient is considered harmful to our body when it is eaten excessively. It is discovered to be harmful to our brain since it can lead us to various brain dysfunction such as Alzheimer, Parkinson and more.

How to Remove MSG from Your Body

Then, how can we remove MSG from your body? Here are some useful steps that you can follow to help your body flush this harmful ingredient away.

  1. Drink: It is very simple. You need to drink. As we know drinking water is highly important for our body. We need to drink an adequate amount of water every day to make sure that our body’s need for liquid is fulfilled. More importantly, it will help you to flush toxin like MSG away from your body.
  2. Reduce sodium intake: You need to limit your intake of sodium as well when you want to get away from the dangers of this food ingredient. Since sodium has the ability to push water retention which means that MSG in your body will not be flushed quickly even you drink much water, you need to reduce your intake of sodium as well.
  3. Don’t drink anything instead of water since other drinks may only make your symptom get worse.