The 1980’s DC Comics That Must Be Read

Are you a fan of DC comics? You have to know more about the comic series from this publisher. It must be a great one if you already read almost all series of DC comics. One of the most interesting things, there are also so many interesting comic series from DC besides Superman and Batman. You can find another storyline with the great issue. As the best recommendation, you can try to get free DC comics download for the 1980’s series. What are they?

The Best 1980’s Comics From DC

Actually, there are a lot of tremendous DC comic series that must be read. However, let’s focus on DC 1980s work which is interesting to follow. Since it seems a little bit difficult to find its printed series, you can get the free DC comics download and read all the outstanding storyline. To make you easier to find, here is the best recommendation for you:

  1. Swamp Thing: The Anatomy Lesson

This comic is firstly published in 1984. With the beauty and intelligence concept and vibe, this comic become one of the greatest comics in this era. You will find unexpected story concept that will never make you fall asleep easily before finishing all series.


  1. For The Man Who Has Everything

The title sounds worth and great to read. This comic was written by Alan More and designed by Dace Gibbons. Published in 1985, For the Man Who Has Everything becomes kind of emotional story for the writer.


  1. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Have you ever heard about this comic? It was firstly published in 1989 with the beautiful, engrossing, sick, and twisted story. You can get it from and find something interesting from this comic story. With psycho and horror-like story, it must be the greatest one from DC

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