Acne Treatments For Combination Skin

You know honey is very useful for health and skin. Well, honey is very good for acne and pimples treatment, especially for combination skin. However, if you want to use honey as your skin treatment and acne treatment; you should find the natural honey such as Manuka honey. Well, Manuka honey is one of the best honey for anything you need and get rid the acne and zits.

How To Create Acne Treatment For Combination Skin With Honey?

There is much natural and pure honey you can use for skin; if you have Manuka honey, you may use it for this treatment. Here are the steps of treating acne and pimples treatment for your combination skin:

  1. You should wet your whole face first before doing the treatment.
  2. You should scoop out some small amount of honey.
  3. Then, you can rub the honey into your entire face. You may apply it on your neck and your hands as well.
  4. It will be a mess. Therefore, if you want to use it, you better use while you are in the bathroom or when you are doing shower. It will save your time to do this mess activity.
  5. Afterward, you should let it as a mask.
  6. Then, you can wash the rest of your own body in the shower and wait for four or five minutes.
  7. Last, you can rinse it off well.

So, what do you think? You just need to prepare a pure natural honey to do it. You will cleanse your skin well with it and your acne and pimples will be better and go if you do it routinely. Well, do you need more tips on treatment for another type of skin? You should click acne and pimples treatment. You will find many ways to treat your acne with the right ways. Thus, that is all.

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