Best Portion Of Breakfast Tips

Most people do not know that the portion of their meal is so important. It will influence the calories intake in your body. It will be not good if you consume too many calories in your body. The calories will become fat if you do not need it for your activities in a day. Therefore, the portion here is very important for you. Here, I will share the portion of breakfast for you.

Tips To Prepare Breakfast And The Best Portion

You should know that breakfast is the best way to start your day. Especially if your day is too busy and full of physical activities. Not only physical activities but also the brain activities like studying and thinking about problem-solving. So, let’s breakfast and make the right portion of it here:

  1. The breakfast should contain balanced nutrition the body needs.
  2. You will need carbs, protein, and veggies. Fruits should not be forgotten. You maybe need to drink milkshake or milk in the morning too but most people will need more fruits juices like orange juice or lemon.
  3. You should take more a quarter of good carbs source for your breakfast. A quarter here a quarter of your plate or bowl. The source of carbs can be rice or others based on your body needs.
  4. Then, you may take a quarter of protein or more based on your needs. The protein can be anything. If you are vegan, you can choose the plant-based protein.
  5. Then, you should take the half of the plate or the rest of your plate with veggies. You know veggies are very good for health.
  6. The last, you can add apples or bananas to your breakfast.
  7. Do not forget to drink water or tea or any beverages you need to start your day.

So, those are the tips for preparing your breakfast. The drinks may be different from one person to another. Therefore, choose the drinks wisely based on your needs. Thus, that is all.

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