DIY Blackout Blind Ideas

Are you thinking about making your own blackout blinds? Fortunately, it is not something that is impossible for you because you can actually make blackout shades, blinds or curtains by yourself. When you want to challenge yourself with the DIY project, creating blinds for your home interior can be a nice idea to try next.

Easy DIY Blackout Blind Ideas For You

To start, it must be good to explore several ideas about what to create for your DIY blackout shade or blind for your home. Actually, there are some possible ideas that you can make when it comes to creating blind for your home. You can consider making one which is not permanent since many blinds out there are permanently installed. This idea will be good for you who are renting and may move to another place. Then, for your DIY blackout blinds, you can think about making one which comes perfectly to suit your room style.

Initial Steps On How To Make DIY Blackout Blind

Next, how can we make the blinds by ourselves? Here are some of the ways to start making DIY blind.

  1. First, prepare for the material. You can use faux leather to make the blind. Then, prepare for wooden dowels, pine moldings, nails and cloth tape. Don’t forget to prepare for tools like hammer, cordless drill, and tape measure as well.
  2. Second, measure your windows then bring together the materials.
  3. Third, cut the leather depending on the windows size. You can make it cover up the frame as well if you like.
  4. Next, apply the pine molding and also the dowel from top to bottom of the blind by using nails. Don’t forget to drill along the pine molding.
  5. The last, you can continue to make your DIY blackout blinds by getting the tutorials.

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