Dust Mite and Bed Bug

Dust mites are microscopic arthropod that thrives in bed, stuffed toys, clothes, and anywhere else one the fabric. While the bedbug is a tiny insect, that can be seen by human eyes, and sometimes cause irritating bite. Now, we will show you about dust mite bites VS bed bug bites. Both dust mites and bed bugs are organisms that can be found, and thriving in home, especially in humid weather. Both of them are known to cause itchy bites that can be annoying sometimes. The dust mites bug are also known as one of the most cause for allergic reactions, compared to another reason such as foods, and fabrics. Both of them can be irritating, yet never be too dangerous for human body, except if your body starts developing an allergic reaction to them. Both of them can be prevented by cleaning the bed, changing the mattress regularly, and wash your blankets, mattress, and sheets in a hot water.

Now, the Comparison between Those Two, Dust Mite Bites VS Bed Bug Bites

Now, our dust mite bites VS bed bug bites comparison will give you a simple, clear and short explanation. The dust mites bites are caused by the microscopic arthropod called dust mites. It can’t be seen, yet sometimes caused a red rash on your skin after taking a nap. Dust mites feast on the dead cells of your skin or dandruff, and every day, an adult man can produce enough skin flakes for a million of dust mites. Dust mites feast on your skin, biting on the dead skin cells, and throwing their dump everywhere on the skin, and your bed, and this is entirely invisible from human eyes.

While the dust mites are invisible, the bed bugs aren’t. They are tiny but can be seen by human eyes. Bed bug bites are often mistakenly stated as dust mites bites or allergic reaction to their dump. Although dust mites bite looks pretty similar, you will see the red dots, or brownish dots, that is the sign of bed bugs. Now, that’s it enough for today dust mite bites VS bed bug bites comparison.

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