If You Eat Eggs, Try This

It is no secret that egg is a powerful source of protein. It is not only delicious, it also offers you various health benefits that make it as one of the super foods that you can enjoy on this earth. More interestingly, it is also easy to cook and serve this food on our table. If you are one of them who choose egg as the best protein sources, here are some healthiest ways to eat this protein source.

Healthiest Ways You Can Do to Eat Eggs

  1. Poached

The first way that you can do to eat this protein source is by poaching it. A poached egg is surely a popular egg dish that you can make easily at home. One thing that makes it a healthy food is because we do not have to add fat or oil to this meal. We just need to make sure that the egg yolk is cooked completely because the benefit will only be delivered when it is fully cooked.

  1. Scrambled

The second way that you can do to cook your egg is by making it into scrambled egg. When you use a non-stick pan, you do not need to add oil as well to your scrambled egg. Just make sure that you cook you’re scrambled in low heat so that the yolk will not damage as you cook it. You can also add some vegetables to add nutrient intake in your scrambled.

  1. Boiled

Next, it is also a good idea to make it into a boiled egg. It is a perfect solution to cook an egg without letting the yolk to be damaged because of the high heat. It is high in protein and low in the carb that will be perfect for your breakfast and another mealtime. You can serve it with other healthy foods as well.

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