Foods For Increasing More Lactation

Breastfeeding is optional. However, giving breast milk is the most important one. Baby needs more nutrients at the first phase of development. Milk formula is not enough, so you have to make sure that your baby gets enough nutrients from breast milk. To make sure it, you need to increase the production of breast milk. There are some ways on how to increase breast milk production. You do not need to take an expensive supplement to get high-quality milk, just do some traditional supplement then your baby will be happier.

The Best Food For Increasing Lactation In Breast Milk

One of the best ways on how to increase breast milk production is choosing right meals for you. Baby will eat on what you ate. So, make sure that you did not eat any random foods. There are some foods that can be taken during the nursing period. For the first, you can take green papaya. It is highly recommended for the nursing mother since it will help to increase more production of breast milk. You can fry or steam it. If you like Thai food, so you can order Som Tam which is a salad of green papaya.

Second, you can also take carrots to increase your breast milk. Carrot is not only good for your eyes’ health, but it is also good for the nursing mother. In fact, carrots have good beta-carotene which is good for increasing more lactation. You can take it as your snack to boots your potassium need in your body. Last, don’t forget to take enough water as the effective way on how to increase breast milk production. Besides, make you keep in hydrated, water also helps to increase the volume of milk. So, you may not be worried that your baby will be hungry again.

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