Why Do We Need To Drink Water?

In order to survive, humans need to drink water. Our body is consisting of 60 percent water. Meanwhile, 70 percent of your brain is consist of water. Moreover, 90 percent of your lungs is water. This information concludes that we need water. We really do. As you know that we need to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Water is used by your body in many ways. Water can protect and nourish your brain, spinal cord, and other brain tissues. Your body temperature always normal because of water. Since us, humans, are composed of water mostly, it’s not surprising that we need water every single day.

The Importance Of Water

Compared with food, water is more important for your body’s survival. In fact, we can live without food for more than a month. However, we can’t survive if we don’t drink water for one week. So, if you lack water, your body will be dehydrated. The amount of blood in your body will decrease and it will lead to your heart pumping harder than usual to deliver the oxygen. The first stage of dehydration is you will feel dizzy and headache. After that, you will feel extra exhausted than usual. And finally, you feel nauseous and you will vomit. If your dehydration becomes worse, it will lead you to a come and die.

However, too much water is also not good for your body. You will suffer hyponatremia which is the condition of excess water that flood in your body cells and those will swell up. If the brain cells are swollen, it can cause nausea, headache, fatigue, and cramps. The worst cases of hyponatremia besides convulsion and mental confusion are coma and death. To sum up, 8 glasses of water are the perfect amount of water that we should drink daily in order to prevent dehydration and hyponatremia.

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