The Perfect Softlens For Everyday Use

Ever feel tired of wearing glasses all the time? Why don’t you wear softlens? There is one softlens that perfect for everyday use. You can try wearing Sweety Plus Spatax Gray. Why we choose a gray color for you? The color is not too bright but people still notice you wearing lens. But you are too afraid to wear softlens. Don’t worry, this lens is made for everyday use and you can wear them well and comfortably. So, if you want to try something new, the color is the perfect choice for you.

Sweety Plus Spatax Gray

The design of Sweety Plus Spatax Gray is just like basic softlens that you can find out there. But this is very okay since you want to wear softlens for everyday use. The comfort of this softlens is perfect! It means that you just feel like you wear nothing on your eyes. Again, this lens is made for everyday use. Therefore, the brand tries to make the lens as comfortable as possible. You can use this lens for 8 straight hours without feeling your eyes dried out. Most softens will blend the color with your original eye color. In most cases, the color will become darker than the actual color of the lens. However, this lens will give a good vibrancy color to your eyes. The color doesn’t blend with your original color. Instead, the vivid color of the lens will cover the original color.

If you have small eyes, we don’t recommend this lens. The diameter is just 14.5 mm so the enlargement is not noticeable. But if you want to look natural but you want to have gray eyes at the same time, then the lens is the perfect choice for you. The size of Sweety Plus Spatax Gray is perfect for someone who wants to get natural look yet captivating in their eyes.

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