Scientific Facts, What Causes Earthquakes?

what causes earthquakes

what causes earthquakesWhen talking about the natural disaster, we will think earthquakes, volcano eruption, tsunami, flood and much more. We are going to talk about earthquakes, what causes earthquakes and what we need to do when we are struck by earthquakes. Firstly, earthquakes are natural disaster caused by tectonic shifting or volcanic activity, But There is also a minor earthquake that caused by human faults like excessive mining. Earthquakes that caused by tectonic shift called tectonic earthquakes or just earthquake, while earthquakes caused by volcanic activity or eruption are called volcanic earthquakes. Earthquake is a really dangerous natural disaster that can destroy an entire city, killing countless of people and heavy financial loss. We can’t really prevent earthquakes from happening, so what we can do, is to mitigate and minimalize the damage done by earthquakes. Information about earthquakes can be useful, to broaden our knowledge and understands this natural disaster. If you are looking for info about earthquakes, then you have come to the right place.

Earthquake Is A Dangerous Natural Disaster, What Causes Earthquakes?

What causes earthquakes? Since earthquakes are a natural disaster, so the causes are natural, and we can’t really prevent it, just like a volcano eruption. The tectonic earthquakes are caused by the shifting of the earth plates. For those who don’t know, beneath us, in the earth mantle, there are many giant rocks that floating in the magma inside the earth. These giant rocks are what called earth plate, the movements of earth plates can shape the land above it. The earth plates, sometimes collide with each other, making a break. The break will release a huge amount of energy and send seismic wave. The seismic wave is the earthquakes. Once the seismic wave reaches the surface, we will feel the vibration, the earth is trembling and the ground is shaking. That’s the cause of the tectonic earthquake.

As for the volcanic earthquakes, it caused by volcanic activity. The magma stored inside the volcano is a huge amount of energy. And when the energy is accumulated, it needs to burst out and erupt. The volcanic earthquake is a sign that the eruption will begin soon. That’s it the answer on what causes earthquakes.

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