Skincare Maintenance

There are many ways to get a beautiful skin. However, if you are too poor to afford many skincare products, you can just focus on some products only. Is our recommendation to purchase moisturizer and sunscreen? Why those two? Read our explanation below.

The Role Of Moisturizer And Sunscreen

When you have dry skin, the first skincare product that you need is a moisturizer. You need to treat your dry skin first before you use other skincare products. Having a dry skin is as serious as having an oily skin. Therefore, you have to take care of it first. Although the appearance of your dry skin is not bad, if you don’t take care of it sooner, your skin condition will be worse. Your skin will crack since it is too dry. If this happens, it can lead to acne and blemishes. It is important to use moisturizer. In addition, you need to drink more water and exfoliate regularly. This can make your skin healthier.

Moisturizer is very, very important during winter. This season has dry air so your skin will be dry too if you do not moisturize it. The cold temperature during winter is harsh for our skin. And it can trigger some serious skin problems such as dryness, cracks, and other damages. Besides applying moisturizer, you can try to cover as much as you can with clothing during winter. Your moisturizer should have a thick texture and heavy ingredient like lanolin so it can moisturize your skin for a long time. Drink water every two hours so your body will get the daily amount of water.

The last product that you need to use is sunscreen. It can protect your skin, especially during summer. Sunscreen can protect you from UVA and UVB which are dangerous sunlight. Whenever you go out, apply skincare to exposed parts of your skin and it can prevent you from irritation, dull skin, wrinkle, and skin cancer.

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