Surprising Facts of Diabetes You May Need to Know

Do you know that diabetes can attacks your children? Some experts says that Diabetes is the second of the most chronic disease in children after asthma. In fact, the percentage is still low. Besides, there are still many unexpected facts about diabetes you should know. Check it out!


Facts of Diabetes

You may associate diabetes with someone who is overweight. Frankly, most of people who get diabetes are not overweight. Basically, there are two types of diabetes which are type 1 and type 2. Diabetes type 1 occurs when the immune wrongly destroys the health cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Insulin is a chemical which helps the body get energy from food.. Besides, the type 1 diabetes does have no known cause. Mostly, children are triggered with type 1 diabetes. Meanwhile, diabetes type 2 commonly triggers adults and older people by obesity. Next, diabetes is not caused by consuming too much sugar. As you know that the type 2 diabetes is related to obesity, and consuming too much sugar is not a great impact on glucose levels in the blood. In fact, sugar is commonly found in fattening foods like cookies. In addition, the people with type 1 diabetes may need to take extra insulin in order to process the sugar in the body.


Additionally, someone with diabetes who feels healthy, he still have a risk of serous complication. Having normal and good sugar-blood level is the main key to avoid any health problems. In fact, diabetes can lead some serious diseases including heart attack, stroke, blindness, etc. It is good for you to maintenance you blood-sugar level normal to get rid of any serious complication. So, that three suprising facts about diabetes, if you have any diabetes symptoms like high-level dehydration, unquenchable thirst, and bedwetting, you should meet your doctor to check them.

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