Nougat Android Features with Daydream

Android NougatThere are some new features of Android nougat which make it more attractive. However, you should note that the Daydream feature in Android is one of the least talked-about features in android. The reason is probably that it is a pointless feature. However, it actually can be a very useful task that you need. Before moving further to nougat android features, it is essential to discuss the Daydream feature in Android itself. There are some good functions of daydream feature that you may now know.

Nougat Android Features With Daydream Screensaver

The first thing that you should consider is that daydream allows information to be displayed only when the device is being charged or docked. Otherwise, it is not activated. Furthermore, the daydream only activates itself when you let the device sleep. Once you understand how to activate the daydream, you should know about how it works. Basically, daydream as nougat android features work as a great assistant when you want a constant stream of information or images when the phone is put to sleep. At the default setting, you can get time, random color, and photos to be displayed. If you want better daydream display, you should install daydream apps.

There are some cool daydream apps that you should consider to complete the nougat features for Android. One of them is daydream app for showing random quotes. Most of the times, it is entertaining and motivating. Therefore, it is a good way to show when the phone is being connected to power source. The basic clock actually works well too because it shows time in a dimmed manner. Thus, you do not have to be exposed to bright light just to check the clock in the middle of the night. Daydream as nougat android features now becomes screen saver, and it will be even easier to set it up.