Solar Tracking System, Arduino Uno Projects For Beginners With Code

arduino uno projects for beginnersArduino Uno projects for beginners with code, for robotics and programming fans, maybe Arduino Uno is already familiar in your ear. What is Arduino Uno? It is a single board of microcontroller that capable to make several homemade digital devices. Not only capable of creating digital devices, but we can also do simple robotics using it. Arduino Uno developed by Italian open source software and hardware computer company called Arduino. This company recently released many microcontrollers such as Arduino Uno R3, Genuino and much more. If you want to start programming and robotics world, or just want to start a new hobby, creating digital devices using Arduino Uno is great things. For some people, they find it enjoyable and fun creating digital devices or simple robotics using this microcontroller. It becomes hobby among programmers and robotics fans.

How To Make Solar Tracking System, Arduino Uno Projects For Beginners With Code

Just like the name stated, the Solar tracking system is a device that tracks sun movements and move according to sun position. To create this device, of course, you will need a solar panel. You will also need two servo motors, four LDRs, and don’t forget about Arduino Uno board. When you are combining the materials, and creating the circuit board you will need to be careful not to misplace any items. You also need a resistor, at least four of them. Now, that’s it the materials to create a solar tracking system, now how to create this Arduino Uno projects for beginners with code?

We will use LDRs as the light sensors. It is used to sense the amount of light on this system. Since this is critical components that will sense the sunlight, you will need to put four of it’s in the corner, bottom, top, right and left. The tactical servo will serve as the main parts to move the solar tracking system heading to the position of sunlight. If the certain direction receives more sunlight, the servo will move in that direction. That’s it simple Arduino Uno projects for beginners with code.