BMW M2 Car Price And Specs

Car Price And SpecsIn the last month of 2017, BMW is planning to release the newer, and latest version of BMW 2-Series M2, a whole new improvement from their older BMW 2-Series M2 2016, and this time BMW will give car price and specs a whole lot of performances, specs, design and a lot of other information. The older series of BMW M2 is released back in mid of 2016, and this year BMW want to release the brand new M2 version in the last month of 2017. There are not many improvements for the design and features, but the specs and performances are reported to get a lot of improvements and change. Will this brand new BMW Series-2 MW2 will give a huge hit on the market and bring a lot of amazing from BMW fans? or the older version of M2 series will triumph over this car?

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When BMW stated that there will be more improvements on the specs and performances of this M2 series, they are not joking. The specs of M2 itself is really great, and sure give you a lot of amaze on your face. The engine uses 3.0 petrol and can create 364 horsepower. This engine can give you a stronger car and will give you a fast sporty car. It can reach 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds, and it is equipped with a turbocharged engine, along with double torque system. Fuel economy is at least 35 mpg, and there are a lot of improvements on the features. About the car price and specs, you will see all of the information on the release date.

As for the price, this car will cost you at least 160,000 euro, but this is still just an estimated price, not an actual price on the market. The price will change depending on the build you order, and also the modified parts. Will BMW M2 series 2017 make a big hit on the market, or it will just vanish? Well, keep an eye on BMW update on our car price and specs website.