The Richness Of The Fauna Torres Del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National ParkIn addition to the rich flora, Torres del Paine National Park also has a wealth of fauna that is also not abundant. The presence of fauna makes the ecosystem of living things in this park to be balanced. Some of the faunas whose populations are abundant are bird species, and most birds have a predatory bird like eagles and owls. But there are some species of birds that reproduce there and not predators. One of the most famous fauna in this Chilean country park is Guanacos because it is the most commonly found fauna. There are also animals of mammals such as Puma and foxes, both of which are almost extinct. The fauna available here has a unique uniqueness and beauty, animals with unusual shapes we can see here like a bird with a horn or a goose that has a black neck. Those are some of the fauna that has been studied by some experts and scientists who research the park.

The Fauna Benefits To Torres Del Paine National Park

Flora and fauna are very closely related to the environment, so the ecosystem of Torres del Paine National Park becomes balanced. Fauna contained in the park is diverse so as to make the park provides a special attraction for the visitors. So do not be surprised if this park every year can attract many visitors and every year is increasing both from foreign tourists and domestic. They are increasingly interested in the variety of fauna that is there and is found in the usual public places.The fauna benefits to Torres del Paine National Park are great for ecosystem balance. We know that this park has four destinations that have a very high attraction and have its own beauty. Long rivers with clear water and sprawling lakes make the aquatic fauna can live well and not be disturbed by disturbances, as well as the beautiful mountains and glaciers that make the animal population as comfortable as their birds can live safely their uninterrupted population The process of breeding abundantly.