Lower Your Weight By Exercising To Diet For Weight Loss

weight loss dietExercise is the most important thing for the body. It is better for losing weight. Exercise is the diet for weight loss. Do exercise every two times a day in the morning and afternoon! But in reality, the people only do sports once a week or even none at all. Especially in someone who suffers from obesity rarely exercise. They will consume more calories than calories. When a person suffering from obesity consumes excessive amounts of calories while doing little activity then the excess calories will be stored in the body as fat. According to Indra (2008), Obesity occurs due to disruption of calorie balance to the positive storage, where the intake is greater than the expenditure of calories. So, in a person who suffers from obesity has a lot of fat accumulation in the body. At half a kilogram of body fat has an equivalent of 3500 kcal. Can be interpreted 3500 kcal must be burned to remove half a kilogram of fat deposits. In contrast, 3500 kcal of food will add a kg of body weight (Sharkey, 2003).

How Calories Can Be Burned In Body By Exercising To Diet For Weight Loss

Burning calories can be done when we do the activity of sports. Great calories burned in sports according to type, intensity, and length or time of sport. In addition to enlarging calorie intake, exercise is also very beneficial for overall body health, and specifically for the vascular cardio and skeletal cardiovascular system. Sport can burn your calories in your body. Many types sports that can burn calories like jump rope, run and cycling etc. and now I’ll give you the benefits of this exercising to diet for weight loss. Look at below:

  1. Jump rope (jumping rope)

Bouncing in an hour can burn 667-990 calories. If only 15 minutes do it means a lot of calories are also burned. If you want to also form the body of the arm, use a strap with an additional burden. That’s an easy sport for you to decrease many your calorie in your body for getting the good weight to diet for weight loss.

  1. Run

If within 10 minutes can run a mile, calories burned about 90-100 calories. After running or in a relaxed state calorie burning is still happening. If you want to burn more calories than doing a quick run then after that do jogging.

  1. Cycling

Cycling can lose weight. When someone engages in cycling activities within 30 minutes then the calories that have been burned are 240-350.

You must try that if you want to diet for weight loss! With exercising can helps you lose weight your body and avoid the overweight disease.