Use The Right Way

More and more provide information about Tillandsia plants. Plants that are also called this water plants seem to have experienced the level of popularity. We know that Tillandsia is not only famous internationally, in Indonesia Tillandsia is well known from several species. It is very important for you who want to own this plant or if you want to start to sell this plant to earn money, then here are some ways or instructions you can do so you can cultivate the water plants, and also understand about how to do tillandsia care so this plant can grow and maintained, so the appearance will be more beautiful.

Follow Some Steps Carefully

Here is how to plant and also how to do tillandsia care. The first step that needs to be done is to take tillandsia seedlings, then place it on the growing media you will use. Planting media that you can use is wood or stone. If you choose a rock as a growing medium, you should grab a stone that can absorb water, for example, a brick. The point is as a water reserve if at any time the temperature of the air turns hotter, and you forget to water your plants. Make sure you take care of this plant well so that this plant can live for a long time and develop well.

The other tillandsia care tips you need to do is pay attention to the water content in the plant. Tillandsia requires water and minerals obtained through leaves, not through roots. You should water it regularly and try not to dry the plants. Surfaces on the planting medium should also not be too wet and keep the water intensity adjusted to the air temperature of the environment. That’s some tips you need to do to keep your plants well-groomed and live longer and have a beautiful look. Next will be shared some other interesting tips.

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