User Manual Device; S Pen Features

User manual device

User manual deviceWhen your phone is produced by Samsung and is supported with S Pen, you have to read user manual device about the features of S Pen. Without knowing about the device and its features, you might not be able to maximize the using of your S Pen. So, it would be better to know several features of your S Pen which will give you more benefit to working using the S Pen. Do you want to know about the features from S Pen? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information about S Pen and many features related to it.

User Manual Device And S Pen Features

The first feature that you will find in this user manual device is Air Command feature. When you want to activate the Air Command feature, you have to do several things with your S Pen. It begins with removing the S Pen from its slot. Then, to show the Air command, you have to put your S Pen in a random part of your screen. Then, you have to press the button of your S Pen. After that, there will be four features come up on your screen. You can use those features to work with your smartphone.

From the features, you will find Action Memo, Smart select, Screen Write and also Image clip features that you can do. By using S Pen, you can write your memo easily and quickly, so you can count on this feature when you need to work fast. Then, the other features also have a different function that will make your work become easier. So, you also have to learn about the function of each feature to maximize the features of your gadget. After you learn about that, you can maximize the using of your gadget. That is all the information about user manual device about S Pen features for you.

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