Zamhari: Praying Is Our Soul


ZamhariIn this world, there are many kinds of religions you can take based on what you believe. You should know that many religions are good to you because it can lead you to get proper and better future life but there is the best religion for you. If you believe it, you can take Islam as your religion. Islam taught us many things about how to face the hard times. Islam also taught us to always remember Allah every time we walk, we talk, we sit or even we sleep. According to this Zamhari, Islam taught us to make praying becomes our soul to always remember Allah anywhere and anytime.

Zamhari: How To Make Praying As A Good Habit

If you are the one who changes your religion to Islam, you should know that you must pray five times in a day to ensure you still remember about Allah and get praying to him. Every human needs Allah as what this Zamhari said. If we don’t need Allah, we are just nothing. Thus, to ensure you don’t miss the praying time as well, you should make the praying as your habit. How to make praying as your good habit?

Well, first, you should remember that Allah watches every time you do bad things even if you are doing it silently. Allah knows everything you do. There is no secret you can hide from him. Second, you also should know that if you are human and human-made mistakes. Thus, if you think about how many mistakes you have, you can remember Allah and get praying to ask forgiveness for all your mistakes. Third, the hard thing you should do based on Zamhari is fighting your own laziness. Many people are letting their laziness grow bigger inside their life, so they can get lazy in doing anything including praying.

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